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Proxmox 6 Automated Live Patching Support Is Live


KernelCare now supports automated live patching on Proxmox 6.

KernelCare now supports automated live patching on Proxmox 6. With more than 300,000 hosts, open-source project Proxmox VE has a huge worldwide user base, and has been translated into over 19 languages. Proxmox VE can help enterprises modernize and centralize their IT infrastructure, turning it into a flexible and cost-effective software-defined data center. This open-source project offers solutions to deploy agile, efficient, and simplified IT infrastructures, which will minimize the total cost of ownership, avoiding vendor lock-in.

As the leading open-source platform, Proxmox allows you to easily run VMs and containers, manage networking functionality and software-defined storage, have access to high-availability clustering, as well as having multiple integrated tools like live migration, the firewall, backup/restore, and replication. Proxmox VE is used by enterprises, regardless of size, sector, or industry, to meet the core requirements of today’s modern data centers with less complexity and more elasticity. Through modular, flexible, and open architecture, Proxmox VE ensures enterprises are able to stay adaptable in future growth.

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About KernelCare

KernelCare is a live patching system that patches Linux kernel vulnerabilities automatically, with no reboots. It's used on over 300,000 servers, and has been used to patch servers running for 6+ years. It works with all major Linux distributions, such as RHEL, CentOS, Amazon Linux, and Ubuntu. It also interoperates with common vulnerability scanners such as Nessus, Tenable, Rapid7, and Qualys. To talk with a consultant about how KernelCare might meet your enterprise’s specific needs, contact us directly at sales@kernelcare.com.