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Nonprofits can now live patch kernels for free

Published: Oct 6, 2017 3:17:29 PM / Last update: Oct 9, 2020 / by Inna Gordin

Nonprofits can now live patch kernels for free

In light of the recent Dirty Cow exploit, said by experts to be the “Most serious” Linux privilege-escalation bug ever, we’ve decided to push forward our prior plans to offer KernelCare for free for nonprofit organizations so that they can protect themselves from critical vulnerabilities including the Dirty Cow CVE-2016-5195.

KernelCare provides timely Linux kernel security updates without the need to reboot servers. Here, particularly, once KernelCare is installed, it will bring kernels up-to-date with all patches instantly. It supports most popular Linux distributions, installs in just minutes with a single line of code, and without a reboot. Since most nonprofit organizations have limited IT resources and are unable to consistently update kernels, we feel that KernelCare can help tremendously to bring their kernels up to date with all security patches and keep them secure going forward.

KernelCare delivers a super-fast release of security patches for new vulnerabilities, like the recent Dirty COW privilege escalation, and we are very excited to be able to contribute to making Linux secure and stable but also do it for free for nonprofit organizations.

If you are a nonprofit organization and would like to use out-of-the-box KernelCare, please request a complimentary unlimited license by writing to nonprofit@kernelcare.com.


About KernelCare

KernelCare is a live patching system that patches Linux kernel vulnerabilities automatically, with no reboots. It's used on over 300,000 servers, and has been used to patch servers running for 6+ years. It works with all major Linux distributions, such as RHEL, CentOS, Amazon Linux, and Ubuntu. It also interoperates with common vulnerability scanners such as Nessus, Tenable, Rapid7, and Qualys. To talk with a consultant about how KernelCare might meet your enterprise’s specific needs, contact us directly at sales@kernelcare.com.

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Inna Gordin

Written by Inna Gordin

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